Port of Crotone - a strategic hub for the Mediterranean Sea

The strategic position facing the shipping lanes, the enormous spaces at its disposal, the history and the culture of the territory, are just some of the aspects that lead to a profound reflection on the importance that the City of Crotone and its millenary Porto can and they have to do for development of all Adriatic/Jonian macro-area.

The Port of Crotone, thanks to the current 5Km of docks, the hundreds of thousands of square meters of port squares, the huge water spaces, and by virtue of the great potential investments and expansions planned, is the main hub on the Ionian Sea that can give impetus first of all to tourism both for the pleasure boating of the maxi-yachts and for the cruises, with all the activities associated with them in terms of services and logistics, involving and supporting the growth of other Italian regions, such as Basilicata, Puglia and Sicily, and networking with other nations such as Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece.

The challenge is fascinating and strategic. The obvious potential. All are called to commit themselves to a healthy and concrete progress of the entire Mediterranean basin. Crotone is ready!

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