The port system of Crotone is composed of the Old Port and the New Port.

The Old Port, with a south entrance, a water surface of 66.400 square meters, is a small dock for the local navy, fishing boats and small yachts up to 30/35 meters. There are various activities inside and there is the possibility of moorings and assistance, as well as berths for transit.

The depths of the Old Port vary between 1.5 and 5 meters deep. Currently there is a serious cover-up of the port entrance with consequent entry ban for boats with a draft of more than 2.5 m. All boats must keep the right in entry maneuvers, passing near the green lantern. The winds of distress are the sirocco SE and the libeccio SW.

The Porto Nuovo, with entry to the North, is equipped with huge water areas (783,000 square meters) and long docks, in many cases not yet equipped and managed due to the imminent approval of the Port Regulatory Plan, which will sanction the definitive reconversion of many spaces from the past industrial destination to the tourism. In fact, currently, except for some activities that operate as pioneers of the nautical sector in the New Port, for the assistance and mooring of yachts, the supply of diesel and the storage, important investments are planned for dredging and the arrangement of the docks, both in terms of tourist marina and shipyards.

In the New Port the commercial activity of the loading / unloading of goods continues, which today persists in the quays to the North, adjacent to the mouth of the river Esaro.

The depths of the Porto Nuovo, except for the area of Spiaggia delle Forche, are around 9 meters deep. The winds of distress are the tramontana N and the mistral NW.

COORDINATES: 39°05′,74 N 17°07′,48 E